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a platform to create 
intelligent IoT solutions
Product description
The Infosphere platform is designed for the secure connection of various devices and the creation of systems for monitoring and managing connected devices within the framework of the IoT concept.

The infosphere provides the organization of a network of devices consisting of sensors, actuators, metering devices for collecting, processing and storing information with the ability to automatically generate reports and conduct analytics based on the collected data.
Areas of application
Industry 4.0
  • Equipment monitoring system and predictive analytics based on collected data
  • Equipment downtime monitoring
  • Accidents risk warning

  • Organization of a unified energy management system in sections of the energy chain with the ability to remotely turn on / off consumers
  • Telemetry of transformer and distribution substations, prioritization of repairs and extension of service life
  • Detection of failures and accidents at power grid facilities

Housing and communal services
  • Remote metering of consumed resources (electricity, hot and cold water, gas, heat)
  • Automatic generation of the necessary reports
  • Convenient access to the collected data for residents, management companies and regulatory authorities
  • Utility services payment

Infrastructure monitoring
  • Remote monitoring of parameters of infrastructure objects
  • Predictive analytics based on collected data
  • Detection of accidents and problems at monitoring objects

Smart city
  • Street lighting control
  • Garbage collection control
  • Parking space monitoring
  • Energy monitoring of buildings

Smart House
  • Unified control system for smart devices, sensors and sensors
  • Saving on the use of housing and communal services

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